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Welcome to Dynamic Fusion

Dynamic Fusion is a professional design agency established in 2000. We have been delivering strategic marketing in the form of visual design to clients both in Australia and overseas. We offer a specialised creative design service to businesses who want to stand out from the crowd and maximise their marketing dollar.

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Brand Management

Your brand tells customers what sort of business you are and helps them decide whether they want to deal with you. Brand is so much more than just a logo, it is a way all messages and information is conveyed to your customers. Dynamic Fusion understands the importance of a strong brand in todays crowded market place. By working with you to understand your business and what direction you’re trying to achieve, we can help with a well thought out design; targeted in the right way while keeping everything consistent across the whole brand.

Graphic Design

You want every piece of communication that your customer’s see to tell a story, inform and brand your business. Whether it be Brochures, Catalogues, Advertising, Stationery or even Packaging you want customers to see you and act on your marketing. Dynamic Fusion prides itself on continually producing designs that are innovative, targeted and individually designed for each new project. With the ever increasing ‘Cookie Cutter’ list of designs which appear more and more frequently in the market place we want you to stand out and get noticed.

Web Design

Having a web presence these days is more important than ever before. Customers often research companies and brands before they form any further relationship. Websites have to be considered as the first impression your customer will get of your brand. With strong foundations in brand management and design, we incorporate these skills into creating sites that engage the audience with intuitive navigation and if needed, well written copy. As part of making sure your website is performing at it’s best, we look after the back end with CMS, browser compatibility and SEO.


Everyone is a photographer these days whether it be from the small camera, phone or a semi pro version. Sadly, 99% of these photos rarely make use of the best light or are indeed, not able to. Photography is all about light and composition as well as understanding lenses, focus and boken. Dynamic Fusion incorporates commercial digital photography into the workflow. As most mediums these days require images, it is important that designs, whether they be for print or for a digital medium, are not diminished with images that have bad light or are poorly thought out and composed.


You don’t want your customers to be a one time sale. As most businesses know, the first sale to a new customer usually only pays for the investment in attracking that customer. The real skill of marketing is brand loyalty and repeat business and to achieve this you need strategic marketing. Dynamic Fusion has be working with businesses for years implementing strategies, such as email marketing campaigns, specials sheets and building campaigns to build awareness and excitement

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