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Dynamic Fusion are “thinkers” when it come to creating great ads as we are able to articulate your business message with functional designs that are well written and cut through. Dynamic Fusion understands that the first 7 words are important and works hard to make them count.


Inspiring concepts that beg to be seen. That’s what Dynamic Fusion want to create for your next creative campaign. If you are looking for advertising concepts that make a statement, we are the right design agency for you. Advertising is still the number one source of promotion among brands today. We have been creating ads in newspapers, magazines and calendars for 13 years and while the range of media you can show those ad’s on has expanded, the foundation of a ‘good idea’ is still king for these ads to work.

Market thinking

Dynamic Fusion brings our marketing experience into our concepts. Who are we taking to, visual, auditory or kinaesthetic people, what sex are they, what work is emotive to that particular audience etc. These principles are very important to the design in your ad, and we package all that knowledge into your advert when we work with you.

Don’t let your advertising become stale and uninspiring. People make assumptions about your brand based on the marketing they see, and adverts really do speak about a brand louder than a lot of other mediums. That’s why at Dynamic Fusion, we design Ad’s that are creative, functional and engaging.

When it comes to advertising Dynamic Fusion have you covered:

Why you should working with Dynamic Fusion for your Advertising
  1. We write content that sells. Dynamic fusion has been copywriting advertisements for 13 years and has the experience to know the words with the most powerful impact. We make it our business to understand the “buzz words” in your industry so your customers feel comfortable that you have the capacity to deal with them and understand their needs. With such a small window of opportunity to make an impact, it’s important to work with a partner that understands how to get maximum impact for your ad space.

  2. Modern day technologies have allowed for great use of images in the advertising space. You want images that have impact and excite the viewer not just fillers from some old shots done years ago or irrelevant stock art. Dynamic Fusion creates beautiful photography with unique angles and ideas so your ad stands out. Added to that Dynamic Fusion also offers post digital work of photographs so you can take your photos to new possibilities.

  3. Animation is almost a requirement of online advertising in the modern day ad space. With a background in illustration, Dynamic Fusion combines skills from that area of the business to make those ideas come alive. With our proven understanding of illustrative ideas, there is not usually a need for complexity, however, our animation really jumps!

  4. Placement of advertising is a necessary final step to see your work reach the target audience. Whether is be newspapers, magazines or online, Dynamic Fusion has the technology and understanding of ad placement to make sure your ad reaches the right organisation and publication on time, true to what you approved.
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Brand Management

Making your brand talk

  • Logo creation
  • Applying standards for consistency
  • We keep your brand on message

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Graphic Design

Communication that sells

  • Clear communication
  • Innovative ideas that pack a punch
  • Creative ideas, quality results

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Web Design

Interactive design that works

  • The latest technologies
  • Content Management
  • Well thought out navigation

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Images that tell a story

  • Location or studio
  • Distinctively creative, eye catching
  • Special effects

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We get you talking to you market

  • Online solutions
  • Planning for selling your business
  • Testing customer interation

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