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Logos are the symbols of brands and companies and it is the logo that introduces the
brand to customers in the marketplace. Logos portray the style and personality of a
business and a good logo can last the life of the company.

Brand Management

Dynamic Fusion was founded on the principle of being a branding agency. Creating the identity and the brand that goes with it is our passion. We know a new logo sets the tone for a new brand and it must reflect who you are, how you want other to see you and set the character of your business.

Designing logos

Dynamic Fusion understands how important it is to have a quality logo that encapsulates all your thinking and individuality. When designing a new logo many intensive hours of research are undertaken to explore where you want to sit in the market, who your competitors are, what differentiates you from the opposition, what your trying to say and who are you saying it to.

We make designing logos an inclusive process, after all, it is your identity. After the briefing and research stages, we work on concepts that fit in with your brief. Whether typeface driven or iconic, we look to give you different options in which hopefully you will see yourself starting to form in one of the ideas. Expanding on an idea is the next step where we move on to exploring different options, typefaces and colour variations of the logo. We put forward this information to you to give you the maximum scope of having a logo that is exceptional.

Style guide

Dynamic Fusion recognises that you want to use your logo in many different places and ways. Unfortunately, people often take it upon themselves to change a logo to fit the needs of the application. To prevent this we, as part of designing your logo, provide a style guide that you can send to any supplier. This guide has how you can use a logo, colours, minimum sizes, how to use it in different application and so on. If also contains information on variants of the logo and how to use them. Of course this is a very important document to create in partnership with you as it is laying down the rules for the branding of the business. This is the look that customers will eventually see in all your marketing.


In most case, Dynamic Fusion also takes care of the stationery of a new business once the logo and style guide have been finalised. We recognise how important this is to a new brand and having an engaging design that is memorable to customers, is the first step in having an effective brand in the marketplace.

Why you should working with Dynamic Fusion for your Brand Management
  1. We really listen when you are briefing us. We want to find out what drives you and what drives your business. That way, our ideas are going to be representative of your business.

  2. Since 2000 we have designed logos for many companies in many industries. As we are all trained professionals who know the trade, we are able to bring our vast experience and professional eye to create stunning results with a real wow factor.

  3. We want your feedback and use that feedback to massage designs so you can get the best outcome which matches your business ethos. We want you to be 100% happy with the final outcome.

  4. On final payment of the project the intellectual property right belongs to you. We can supply any file type you need, and we keep copies on our servers should you need to be resupplied at any stage.

  5. We guarantee what we do. If you are not 100% satisfied with your logo we go over the brief and if we are off brief we will continue the design process until you are completely happy. We know that this is an important starting point for you and want you to feel comfortable with your new image.
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Brand Management

Making your brand talk

  • Logo creation
  • Applying standards for consistency
  • We keep your brand on message

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Graphic Design

Communication that sells

  • Clear communication
  • Innovative ideas that pack a punch
  • Creative ideas, quality results

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Web Design

Interactive design that works

  • The latest technologies
  • Content Management
  • Well thought out navigation

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Images that tell a story

  • Location or studio
  • Distinctively creative, eye catching
  • Special effects

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We get you talking to you market

  • Online solutions
  • Planning for selling your business
  • Testing customer interation

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