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We create clear messages for your audience. With a wide experience of creating engaging
content, we know the results that can be acheive with innovative, targeted ideas.
Dynamic Fusion helps business grow with quality designs that work.

Graphic Design

Standing out from the crowd with an original idea, which captures peoples attention and has impact is what all businesses are trying to achieve. Dynamic Fusion are design specialist’s with a 13 year history of creating functional unique designs in all areas of media.

Dynamic Fusion utilisers years of designing experience to conceptualise and develop design solutions that fit in with your business objectives. Our innovative designs are eyecatching and clearly convey a message that is concise with strong creative design. With todays crowded market companies are promoting themselves in more than one place in the digital space making it more important then ever to have a partnership with a Graphic Design Company such as Dynamic Fusion.

We work with you

We believe in a collaborative approach where we work with you to find out about your company and your key demographic to create innovative designs tailored to your customers with greater cut through. This approach ensures that you get quality outcomes which are reflective of your brand and company ethos.

After the initial brief, we research what your opposition are doing to make sure that we can put you in the mix for customers to consider you as their preferred choice to do business with. To do this we come up with a few designs that fit in with your branding and have the appropriate navigational devices imbedded in them which encourages the viewer to explore, enquire and respond. This is the launching point for refinement, copywriting and photography, incorporating the refinement of the design ready for final output.

We Print too

We have been looking after the print needs of clients since the business was founded. As a design studio, we know all about print. Print can often make or break a job. Dynamic Fusion understands what stock works for what application and is in touch with all the major paper suppliers to make sure that whatever application you need, we can source a cost efficient solution for your job. We pride ourselves in using local businesses here in Melbourne.

There are the more tricky print processes also such as, binding, die cutting, laminating, foiling etc, that require the knowledge and experience which Dynamic Fusion brings to every print job for the perfect outcome. So when it comes to printing we can truly say, we know what we’re talking about.

More that just brochures

When it comes to Graphic Design - Dynamic Fusion have you covered:

Why you should working with Dynamic Fusion for your Graphic Design
  1. We know Graphic Design! We have created a very wide variety of material over the years . We know the pit-falls and how to avoid them which saves you time and money.

  2. We take a wholistic approach to your business. We make sure we understand your business allowing for more personalise outcomes and a better understanding of what your business needs.

  3. Our designs aren’t just a pretty piece of artwork. We work hard to make sure all our designs read well, flow correctly and have all the right devices within the design to capture the attention of the largest audience. Because of this, we make sure only senior designers are designing client concepts and this ensures you get the highest quality of design.

  4. We are a creative design company and pride ourselves on continually being innovative with our designs. Not the old cookie cutter output that some firms churn out as a cost saving mechanism but individual designs that are built and structured for your market, they are fresh, modern and tailored to your brand.

  5. We know print back the front. From paper stocks to the most efficient method for the quantity. We have printed 1000’s of different design pieces for many different applications. From brochures to catalogues, from stationery to packaging we understand what pre-press is needed right though to press checking jobs for colour correction. We are able to look after 200+ page catalogues printed in 6 colour, to boutique jobs such as embossed stationery on specialty stock. Making the most informed choice is where we are able to tailor your printing job.
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Brand Management

Making your brand talk

  • Logo creation
  • Applying standards for consistency
  • We keep your brand on message

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Graphic Design

Communication that sells

  • Clear communication
  • Innovative ideas that pack a punch
  • Creative ideas, quality results

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Web Design

Interactive design that works

  • The latest technologies
  • Content Management
  • Well thought out navigation

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Images that tell a story

  • Location or studio
  • Distinctively creative, eye catching
  • Special effects

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We get you talking to you market

  • Online solutions
  • Planning for selling your business
  • Testing customer interation

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