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Credibility is hard to earn and easy to loose. The customer can be fickle which is why ‘brand loyalty’ is valued so highly in todays marketplace. Stategies to re-enforce loyalty and making the right offers
has to be well thought out and measured for success.
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Dynamic Fusion strives to better promote brands and businesses in the marketplace. If the brand or business is known in the marketplace, their products will have better exposure to consumers allowing for a more valuable selling process.

Marketing your brand

Over the past 13 years Dynamic Fusion has help businesses market themselves more effectively to their customers. Through brand re-enforcement and various promotional ideas we can help your business communicate more effectively to your customers.

Strategic Marketing

Acquiring new clients is a challenge but so is keeping them. CRM (customer relationship management) is the buzz term of late but what this really means is customer service that is measured. Dynamic Fusion can help you with this and there is more to it than what you might think. We can help you implement strategies that keep your customers informed and make offers to them such as email newsletters, specials sheets, promotions flyers and company updates. This not only makes your customers feel important, but keeps your brand in the forefront of the customer's mind.

The most valuable part of this marketing is the reporting where you can see response rates to what, why and when client accesses marketing pieces.

General marketing

The brand itself can be a huge selling point when it comes to consumers buying products under that brand. In this case, promoting the brand can give the products more gravitas to the consumer. Clothing brands are very good at exploiting this tactic, with the real worth being low but the perceived value sometimes being 10x that amount. We have marketing strategies for brands that wish to position themselves with targeted design pieces such as advertising, promotional products and online social media streams.

Social media strategies

Marketing has now extended to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Youtube and Linkedin and there are many more. Consider social media as the new word of mouth style of marketing where one person hears about your services and tells somebody else and then they tell “share” with somebody. Dynamic Fusion can help you set up a social media presence and then show you strategies to attract new subscribers to your site and build your fan base. We can help you create engaging content that people want to share with friends that all link back to your Dynamic Fusion designed website.

Training staff to be better advocates for your business

Nobody should scream your brand more than your own staff. Glenn Wilkins, founder of Dynamic Fusion has visited various business over the last 15 years and coached staff on the merits of customer service and how staff can improve the experience that customers receive when they deal with your business. This eduction is done in a fun and relaxed way and staff always get a lot from it. Click here to find out more.

Why you should working with Dynamic Fusion for your Marketing
  1. Dynamic Fusion has be helping business with marketing for 13 years so we know what works to grow your brand.

  2. Dynamic Fusion can write engaging content for online newsletters that is well written and complements the design.

  3. We measure online marketing to see what customers are engaging with and when. With measured results, you have the power to refine marketing ideas which you can then send to your customers.

  4. Dynamic Fusion can provide strategies to get your brand recognised. Whether it be on line of in print, we have helped many customers increase brand awareness with simple ideas that really work.
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Brand Management

Making your brand talk

  • Logo creation
  • Applying standards for consistency
  • We keep your brand on message

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Graphic Design

Communication that sells

  • Clear communication
  • Innovative ideas that pack a punch
  • Creative ideas, quality results

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Web Design

Interactive design that works

  • The latest technologies
  • Content Management
  • Well thought out navigation

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Images that tell a story

  • Location or studio
  • Distinctively creative, eye catching
  • Special effects

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We get you talking to you market

  • Online solutions
  • Planning for selling your business
  • Testing customer interation

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