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One picture tells a thousand words as the saying goes. Poor photography can ruin
a good design and can dilute the message your trying to get across to the viewer. While taking your
own photo seems like a cost saving, it actually could cost you in the final result.


Dynamic Fusion started commercial photography in 2001 shooting film and then moving to digital in 2003 when digital camera processors started to catch up with film. Since then we have developed a style that is dynamic in its perspective, where the image seems to draw you in to explore more.

As we run this service in conjunction with our design you benefit from the integrated workflow that comes with photography shot for the design. This is a huge benefit as the photography can be discussed at the same briefing as the design work. This way, the project is expedited and the design has a continuity from the very start.

Tell a story with a point of difference

Gain from our point of difference. Dynamic Fusion strives to create innovative stimulating photography often shooting asymmetrically with the use of dynamics like lens variation, change of view point or tonal adjustments. We create the maximum visual impact in our photographywhich not only enhances the design, but is also a story in itself. We also specialise in post digital work taking the photography and enhancing it even further with digital design. This means you can change the colours, the backgrounds, create greater images or enhance portraiture for better outcomes and add special effects.

Studio and location

Dynamic Fusion is a full service studio with a large array of modifiers, reflectors and lights to achieve your desired outcome. Whether it be portraiture, catalogue or product shots, we are able to take your brief and make it come alive with stunning photography.

We travel to almost any destination to get the perfect location shot for your project. If necessary we can arrange talent or props to complete your brief and of course, your budget. When shooting on site, Dynamic Fusion staff are aware of the safety requirements for building sites, the privacy provisions and copyright wavers for talent.

Photography and your project

Dynamic Fusion has shot 1000’s of photos for clients in many different industries which gives us a better understanding of the needs of various industries. This experience is a great asset as it helps us better adapt and work out how to achieve the best outcome for your project.

Tight collaboration

As we are also designers, we are able to see how the design needs will impact on the way we shoot the photography. This is a huge plus as it is all done under one roof, designers and photographers discuss the project from their own angles then come up with the best result for your project.

Photography is more than just sharpness and lighting. It is important that the image conveys a message, story and a feel for the rest of the project. Dynamic Fusion is very aware that every photo must tell the viewer something in a visual way. This is why we look for more interesting angles and more creative lighting so it engages your customers when they view your photography.

Knowing the principles to get great results

With the proliferation of cameras at an ever shrinking cost everyone thinks they are a photographer. Nothing, however is a substitute for years of training and understanding of the principles of exposure, composition, lighting and depth of field. Often the customer doesn’t know what is missing from a photo but certainly knows something is not right. Colour, resolution, depth of field, lighting, contrast, barrel distortion, vignetting, saturation etc are all taken care of when you use professional photographers at Dynamic Fusion. We provide file types optimised for all devices and printing outcomes. We are experts of providing the right file for the right application.

Why you should working with Dynamic Fusion for your Photography
  1. We have be making compelling images since 2001 and have the knowledge and experience to know what works and what doesn't.

  2. We know what it takes to get your perfect shot. The right lighting the right scene and the right setup. We want to make your shot memorable and make it an image people remember. This is acheived in many ways and with years of shooting experience, we can assess your needs, the the outcomes you're lookin g for and build the right conditions to make that happen.

  3. We use professional equipment meaning we can light a scene, balance the outside ambiant light change to different lenses for varied affects or shoot in studio for total control.

  4. There are people who know Photoshop and there is us who KNOW photoshop. Making adjustments is reasonably standard but post work on a photo to achieve high level effect is where we really shine. NOT instagram.... but realistic effects that change an image from everyday to attention grabber.
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