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As more people buy into technologies that allow them to access the web, it is now even more
important to have a web presence that engages your target audience
and moves them to engage with your marketing

Web Design

Information is required now when the customer wants it - that means a website that your customers can easily navigate to find the information they are looking for.

Websites are an essential tool for doing business and it is not surprising that many clients find that customers use their website as an important tool to find out about services, products, promotions and even to buy off their site. At Dynamic Fusion, we understand that designing your website is a journey which enables you to further define your brand to customers in the marketplace.

This process can feel daunting, but we to walk you through step by step process which explains what is needed for each step to ensure your website reflects what your brand is and how you can help your customers.

Steps in the process

We build website that are tailored for your business not an off the shelf design that uses the same old elements. What differentiates our web design is that we build websites with what we call the 5 elements.

What’s in a name?

Registering the right domain name is very important. Is it easy to remember: Does it work easily with an email address. We can help you with choosing the right URL for you business and even take care of the registration if you like.


Content is king. Pretty websites are a waste of time if they say nothing worth reading. That’s why we start with well written content targeting your audience. We work with clients to write compelling copy that is engaging without the use of jingoistic terms.


With you, we work hard to understand how your customers want to interact with you and want they’re looking for on your website. We come up with creative ways in which to talk to that audience with the right amount of interaction on your website for that targeted audience. We have the experience, to take this valuable information making it engaging for your customers with graphics that capture their attention while strengthening your brand.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) helps users find your website A high google ranking ensures you get seen when someone does a search for your industry. Dynamic Fusion is able to ensure that your website is optimised to ensure your website is more easily found in the first few results.

Web Promotion

Once your fantastic looking website is up and running, it’s time to promote and add content to the site. It’s important to tell everyone about your website and a good way to start is through an email newsletter, social media, blogs and more. We can help you with all these mediums, with effective strategies to promote to different audiences with different content. .

Why you should working with Dynamic Fusion for your Web Design
  1. We listen to you to find out what you want out of your website. We work to your budgets and will be upfront if we don’t think a particular idea will work. We want to enhance your brand and see outcomes that give you a flow of web traffic.

  2. We don’t want to bore you with jargon or acronyms. We communicate in a clear and concise way so you understand what we are doing and in turn, this empowers you to make informed decisions about the design and development of your website.

  3. We give you comps before we begin the actual website. This is the concept in a semi static form which allows you to see the look and feel of the site and the graphics that will be used. This save a lot of cost because at this stage it is no trouble to change elements around while finalising the concept.

  4. Our websites are a quoted cost. Should we need a little more time to complete a project or the brief changes, we resend a quote with a revised cost before we continue. This ensures you are never surprised at the end of a project.

  5. We keep up with the latest innovations with language, software and trends. This helps make your website current by today’s standards, and gives you the opportunity to utilises the latest developments is web design.

  6. Like our design, we are able to help you write copy for your website. The content of your website is king and needs to engage your audience and point them towards some sort of action. We are big on including (WIIFM) what’s in it for me, in all copy thus your customers gain out of visiting you website, and want to return or share your company.
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Brand Management

Making your brand talk

  • Logo creation
  • Applying standards for consistency
  • We keep your brand on message

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Graphic Design

Communication that sells

  • Clear communication
  • Innovative ideas that pack a punch
  • Creative ideas, quality results

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Web Design

Interactive design that works

  • The latest technologies
  • Content Management
  • Well thought out navigation

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Images that tell a story

  • Location or studio
  • Distinctively creative, eye catching
  • Special effects

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We get you talking to you market

  • Online solutions
  • Planning for selling your business
  • Testing customer interation

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